THINKING ARTS. Ars Sacra | Ars Humana. Challenges of Contemporary Sacred Art

The Philosophy Research Group of the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies (CEFH) started a series of Colloquiums open to the general public entitled THINKING ARTS, playing with the double meaning of the English expression:  Thinking Arts, and Thinking the Arts, and whose first session had as its theme:
Ars Sacra | Ars Humana. Challenges of Contemporary Sacred Art, with the invited speakers Alfredo Teixeira and Jonathan Saldanha, under moderation of João Manuel Duque.

The Colloquiums arise in the context of strengthening the research line Aesthetic Rationalities and Human Action: Thought, Art (s), Society, and aim with these sessions an interdisciplinary reflection on border issues in the specific field of arts, at an intersection between agents and theory , capable at the same time of challenging society, hence its character open to all concerned.

The first session, “Ars sacra | ars humana. Challenges of Contemporary Sacred Art”, has sought to address the challenges of artistic creation within the scope of religious themes in a society such as the present, whose memory of the sacred may appear more disconnected than in other times of specific religious referents, while appealing, precisely for this reason, to anthropologically foundational instances of the individual and social human being. Particular reference was made to the representation of the Passion.

Alfredo Teixeira (anthropologist, theologian and composer) and Jonathan Saldanha (multimedia artist, researcher and producer) were the invited speakers, in a session moderated by João Manuel Duque (UCP).

April 27, 2017 | 9.00 p.m. | Aula Magna | FFCS, UCP, Braga

The Colloquium is an activity registered in R & DU / 683, funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).