Bruno Miguel Monteiro Nobre


General Information

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Invited Assistant Professor / Researcher


Curriculum DeGóis


Biographical note and Research Interests

Assistant Professor at FFCS, UPC. Joined the Society of Jesus in 2005. Doctor in Physics (2005), with a thesis in the area of Particle Physics, by Instituto Superior Técnico, where he also graduated in Physical Engineering (2005). He earned a Licenciate Degree in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (2010), and both a Master of Divinity (2015) and a Master in Systematic Theology (2016) from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, USA. He was a Postdoc visitor in Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, where he developed a research project in the area of Philosophy of Science. He is a member of the Religion and Science Cluster of the HEST (Higher Education for Social Transformation) project, which gathers faculty members from Jesuit Higher Education Institutions in Europe. Research interests: philosophy of nature, in particular the themes of causality, emergence and causal powers; virtue ethics; and the religion and science dialogue.

Relevant Publications

Nobre, B., 2018. “Philosophy matters: Steven Weinberg, Reductionism, and Inevitability”, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 74, 1: 249 – 278. doi: 10.17990/RPF/2018_74_1_0249
Nobre, B., 2018. “O lugar de Deus no universo de Stephen Hawking”, Brotéria 186, 6 (abril 2018): 458-475.
Nobre, B., Videira, A. A. P. 2017. “Ciência como vocação: uma releitura em tempos incertos”, Brotéria 185, 5 (novembro 2017): 865-878.
Nobre, B., Videira, A. A. P. 2017. ““Mas seja tudo pelo bem da física”: aspectos da trajetória científica de Francisco Xavier Roser, SJ (1904-1967)”, Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Física 40, 2: 1 – 9. doi: 10.1590/1806-9126-RBEF-2017-0205
Branco, G. C, Morozumi, T., Nobre, B.M., Rebelo, M.N.. 2001. “A bridge between CP violation at low energies and leptogenesis”, Nuclear Physics B 617, 1-3: 475 – 492. doi: 10.1016/S0550-3213(01)00425-4