Colóquio Atlântico | 29-30 Nov: Ponta Delgada-Azores | 2-3 Dec: Lisbon

Colóquio Atlântico | “Antero e os seus intérpretes”

29-30 of November at Ponta Delgada, Azores

2-3 of December at Lisbon

Promoted by the Institute of Luso-Brazilian Philosophy, by the Centre for Humanistic Studies of the University of the Azores, by the Centre for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies from the Catholic University of Portugal and by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century of the University of Coimbra, the “Colóquios do Atlântico”, are held annually in Lisbon and the Azores.

The aim is to study relevant figures in Portuguese thought and culture from the Azores Archipelago, as well as cultural and speculative themes and problems that have received a significant contribution or found individual expression in Azorean authors or personalities.

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