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Biographical note and Research Interests

Eleonora C. V. Costa, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal. With a PhD in Psychology, specialization in Health Psychology. her major work has been in the fields of psychosexual health promotion and HIV prevention in women, with several published works in peer-reviewed journals and multiple presentations at national and international conferences mostly about HIV prevention. She has extensive research experience in women’s health in primary-care settings and coordinates a research project on the determinants of women’s health in primary-care settings whose main focus are risk behavior and correlated trauma and illness.

Relevant Publications

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MORGADO, E., CARDOSO, M., RODRIGUES, J., & SILVA, L. (2017). The universe of supervision: an inclusive approach within the teacher training domain.  In J. Mena, A. García-Valcarcel, F. J. G. Peñalvo, & M. M. Pozo (Eds.), Search and research: Teacher Education for Contemporary Contexts (pp. 7-15). ISATT. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.