I Jornadas Internacionais de Educação Literária e Culturas Narrativas | 23rd february | 14.00h | Auditório Isidro Alves


These International Conference aim to present a set of interdisciplinary reflections, based on Literary Education and its interdisciplinary intersection with the various contemporary narrative cultures, from the arts to education and the media. This perspective presupposes the notion of convergence that highlights the emerging problem of transmedia exposure expressed from the current blockbusters dedicated to children and young people.
Training readers is, today more than ever, a defiantly transversal task. To achieve this goal, intersections of different cultures and knowledge are gathered, to build up analysis and interpretation skills related to different narrative media (from traditional books to current social media).

This event is intended for a broad audience – university students, professors, communication professionals and the general public. This “I International Conference” is equivalent to an accredited “Short Term Course”, within the scope of Continuing Teacher Training. A certificate of attendance/participation is guaranteed.
The publication of the interventions of this scientific event is also foreseen.

Organizing Committee

Cândido Oliveira Martins (CEFH-UCP)

Luísa Magalhães (CEFH-UCP)

Fernando Azevedo (CIEC/UM)

Organization: Centro de Estudos Filosóficos e Humanísticos (CEFH /UCP) | Instituto de Educação (IE/UM) | Plano Local de Leitura – Braga, Cidade Leitora (PLL)

Registration is mandatory and free. Register here.

The regime is face-to-face, with online transmission.
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