Luísa Magalhães (Maria Luísa Peixoto Magalhães Graça Branco Gouveia)


General Information

Academic Category: 

Assistant Professor / Researcher


Curriculum DeGóis



Biographical note and Research Interests

Luísa Magalhães (Braga, 1964) is a Professor / Lecturer / Teacher since 1983. PhD in Communication Sciences, at University of Minho. At present, Assistant Professor at the Catholic University of Portugal. Started there in 2007, upon the beginning of the undergraduate course in Communication Sciences, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences. Researcher at the Centre for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies (UCP). Member of the National Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM), ECREA – European Communication Research and Education Association and ITRA – International Toy Research Association. Invited Professor at CÁTEDRA TMKF, TheModernKids&Family, DE COMUNICACIÓN Y PUBLICIDAD INFANTIL, no Laboratorio de Tendencias Sociales y de Consumo de la Infancia (since 2017).
Research Interests: Advertising, Communication and children marketing, Semiotics, Transmedia communication.

Relevant Publications

Magalhães, L. (2017), Brinquedos no Intervalo – Publicidade Infantil na Televisão Portuguesa, Ed. Novembro Comunicação, Vila Nova de Famalicão, PT
ISBN 978-989-8825-41-4
Magalhães, L., Glodstein, J. (eds.), 2017, Toys and Communication, [Palgrave] Springer-Nature, Londres, UK ISBN978-1-137-59135-7
Magalhães, L. (2017), “Work and Play in a Theme Park”. In: MAGALHÃES, Luísa, et al. (eds.), 2017, Toys and Communication, Palgrave Macmillan /Springer-Nature, Londres, UK, pp. 235-255 ISBN978-1-137-59135-7 doi:10.1057/978-1-137-59136-4_14
Magalhães, L. (TRAD.),(no prelo), Comunicação, introdução, de Rosengren, K.-E., (2002) Communication, An Introduction, SAGE, Londres, UK