Manuel Gonçalves Sumares


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Associate Professor / Researcher


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Principais Publicações

Sumares, Manuel G. (2017).The Life of Ordinary Life: Hesychasm and ImmanenceAnalogia (3.2)
Sumares, Manuel G. (2016). Michel Henry’s Idea of the Christian CogitoRevue Roumaine de Philosophie,60 (2)
Sumares, Manuel G. (2015). Theotokos as a Mystical Theologian. in Triune God: Incomprehensible but Knowable—The Philosophical and Theological Significance of St Gregory Palamas for Contemporary Philosophy and Theology. Constantinos Athanasopoulos. Cambridge. Cambridge Scholars. ebook. pp 142-153
Sumares, Manuel G. (2011). Post-Secularity, Orthodoxy, and the Theosis Factor: Blondel and St Gregory Palamas. Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia, 67(1), 81-102. Retrieved from
Sumares, Manuel G. (2009). Blondel; the Idea of the Suspended Middle and the Church. in International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, 9:1, 41-56, doi:10.1080/14742250802661913