Mission and goals

The Centre for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies is a challenge-based interdisciplinary research centre aimed at enhancing the production of knowledge at the intersection of philosophy, linguistics, literary studies and psychology. CEFH aims at promoting and developing multidisciplinary research on the relationship between Person and Society.

CEFH fosters original, theoretically informed research dealing with the ways in which human thought and its rational, linguistic, cultural and psychological expressions are products of embodied, collective and situated minds.

Specific objectives of the Centre are:

  • to promote, coordinate and support research projects in the areas of philosophy, language and communication sciences, literary studies, and psychology;
  • to explore, in a multidisciplinary perspective, the relationship between Individual and Society in its philosophical and ethical, linguistic and communicative, cultural and literary, psychological and educational dimensions;
  • to investigate how is human thought determined by our organic embodiment and by our individual, social, cultural and historical experiences
  • to argue, on the basis of philosophical, linguistic, literary and psychological evidence, that thinking, rationality, language, poetry, imagination, culture, memory, perception, emotion are “products” of collective minds situated in their physical, social, cultural and historical contexts;
  • to apply the results of fundamental research to educational, artistic, health and medical settings, as well as to information and communication technologies;
  • to support the training of PhD and post-doctoral researchers in the scientific areas with which the Centre is concerned;
  • to promote exchange with other scientific and cultural institutions in Portugal and abroad;
  • to organize and collaborate in congresses, symposium, colloquium, seminars, specialist courses, scientific meeting and cycles of conferences;
  • to promote and support the publication of the results of the undertaken research.