Pedro Nuno Pulquério Vieira


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Biographical note and Research Interests 

Pedro Vieira was born in Coimbra in 1979. In 2007, he obtained a B. A. in Portuguese Studies, including the Pedagogical Training, at the Department of Arts of the Portuguese Catholic University, in Viseu, with a classification of 15.8 out of 20 marks. In 2013, he began teaching English as a foreign language in language schools, it being his current occupation. He defended, in October 2018, a joint doctorate in Portuguese Linguistics under the supervision of Prof. Doctors Augusto Soares da Silva (Faculty of Philosophy of the Portuguese Catholic University) and Dirk Geeraerts (Faculty of Arts of Leuven’s Catholic University) with a classification of 18 out of 20 marks (Magna cum Laude). His dissertation, “Mood Swings in European Portuguese: the Indicative vs. the Subjunctive in Clausal Complementation” focused on mood alternations (indicative and conjunctive) in complement clauses and consisted in an extensive corpus analysis guided by the theoretical framework of Cognitive Linguistics in general and Langacker’s Cognitive Grammar in particular.

His main research interests thus focus on the conceptual motivations for linguistic phenomena, mainly those that are related to moods and tenses and their uses, including their evolution throughout Portuguese history, as well as their points of convergence and divergence between the different varieties of Portuguese.

Relevant Publications

Pulquério Vieira, P. N. (2018). Mood Swings in European Portuguese: the Indicative vs. the Subjunctive in Clausal Complementation. PhD Thesis. Braga: Universidade Católica Portuguesa; Leuven: KULeuven.
Pulquério Vieira, P. N., Augusto Soares da Silva and Dirk Geeraerts (2012). Construing factivity: Mood alternations in epistemic contexts. Mathesis 21 (1): 103–128.