Rainer Vesterinen


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Associate Professor / Researcher

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Biographical note and Research Interests 

Rainer Vesterinen is Associate Professor at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese of the Stockholm University and integrated member of the Center for Philosophical and Humanistic Studies of the Catholic University of Portugal. His research focuses on cognitive grammar of Portuguese and Spanish within the framework of Cognitive Linguistics. He is the author of more than thirty articles published in Scopus indexed Linguistics journals such as Cognitive Linguistics, Journal of Linguistics, Language Sciences, Pragmatic and Cognition, Lingua, Language and Cognition, Revue Romane. His studies focus on the conceptual motivations and cognitive processes underlying perception, causation and impersonal constructions, as well as Subjunctive and Indicative moods in Portuguese and Spanish. He is the author of the book A Cognitive Approach to Adverbial Subordination in European Portuguese. The Infinitive, the Clitic Pronoun Se and Finite Verb Forms, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Relevant Publications

Vesterinen, Rainer (2017). The Portuguese future subjunctive: A dominion analysis. Review of Cognitive Linguistics 15(1): 58-82.  DOI:10.1075/rcl.15.1.03ves
Vesterinen, Rainer (2017). Mood choice in complements of Spanish comprender and Portuguese compreender ‘understand’ – Distribution and meaning. Languages in Contrast 17(2): 279–302. DOI:10.1075/lic.17.2.06ves
Vesterinen, Rainer (2016). Mood alternation in Spanish conditional clauses: Condition, cause and the dominion hypothesis. Journal of Linguistics 52(1): 175-193. DOI:10.1017/S0022226714000590
Vesterinen, Rainer (2014). Extending the dominion of effective control – Its applicability to mood choice in Spanish and Portuguese. Cognitive Linguistics 25(4): 583-616. DOI:10.1515/cog-2014-0059
Vesterinen, Rainer (2011). A Cognitive Approach to Adverbial Subordination in European Portuguese. The Infinitive, the Clitic Pronouns Se and Finite Verb Forms. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.