Carlos António Saraiva Bizarro Morais


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Assistant Professor / Researcher


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Biographical note and Research Interests

Carlos Bizarro Morais is Master and Doctor of Philosophy in Aesthetics. He is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP), where he coordinates the Masters in Philosophy (Specialisation in Aesthetics and Art Theory) and the PhD in Philosophy. He is a full member of the Centre for Philosophy and Humanistic  Studies (CEFH) of UCP (Braga). His research interests cover Aesthetics and its inherent challenges (grounds, legitimacy and autonomy, theoretical meaning and historical evolution), as well as how the Aesthetical (and Artistic) Experience interfaces with other dimensions of human experience: social and political; religious, metaphysical and spiritual; educational and pedagogical; ethical and moral; technical and scientific; economic and, above all, cultural. He is also a researcher in the old and modern periods of History of Philosophy, as well as eastern knowledge. In recent years he has published in peer-reviewed scientific magazines and chapters of collective works.

Relevant Publications

Castro, S.; Cunha, J.; Morais, C. (2018). “The Minho traditional costume as cultural heritage in fashion design”.  In Reverse Design. A current scientific vision from the international fashion and design congress, ed. Broega, Ana C. et al., 303 -312. ISBN: 978-1-138-37011-1. London: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group. doi:10.1201/9780429428210
Morais, C. B. (2018). “A palavra Poética e o Logos da Filosofia. Leitura crítica da proposta de Mikel Dufrenne”.  In Verba volant? Oralidade, escrita e memória, ed. Ana Paula Pinto et al., 547 – 564. ISBN: 978-972-697-298-3. Braga: Aletheia – Associação Científica e Cultural | Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia.
Morais, C. B. (2017). “Da radicalidade da experiência estética”.  In Conceitos Estéticos / Conceptos Estéticos, ed. María José Alcaraz Léon e Vítor Moura, 97 – 120. ISBN: 978-989-755-301-1. Vila Nova de Famalicão: Húmus.
Morais, C. B. (2014). “A arte ao sabor da moda? Elementos de crítica da moda na perspectiva de Mikel Dufrenne”, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 70, fasc. 2-3: 603 – 612. doi:10.17990/RPF/2014_70_2_0603.
Morais, C. B. (2014). “Riscos tanatológicos da arte contemporânea. Para uma leitura dufrenniana da morte da arte na contemporaneidade”.  In Do reino das sombras. Figurações da morte, ed. Pinto, A Paula et al., 519 – 534. Braga: Aletheia – Associação Científica e Cultural, Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia. ISBN: 978-972-697-220-4