Ricardo Alexandre Barroso Batista


General Information

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PhD Student

Email: rbarrososj@gmail.com

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Biographical note and Research Interests

Ricardo Barroso Batista graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Portuguese Catholic University in 2011, receiving the Santo Inácio de Loyola Prize (Portuguese Catholic University) in 2012, for having completed the bachelor degree with the highest mark average. He is writing a doctoral thesis on the Principle of Sufficient Reason as a point of intersection between the Metaphysical Grounding and the Cosmological Argument in the Philosophy of Religion. In his research, he analyzes the principles of ontological dependence and causality and the adjacent concepts of contingency and necessity, in the framework of metaphysical foundationalism, relating them to contemporary cosmological argumentation.

Relevant Publications

Batista, Ricardo B; Balsas, Álvaro. 2016. “Uma Proposta Tomista para o Debate Actual entre Monismos e Pluralismos na Metafísica da Fundação”, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 72, 2-3: 725 – 770. doi: 10.17990/rpf/2016_72_2_0725
Batista, Ricardo A. B. 2013. “Reposicionando o Endurantismo na Actual Metafísica da Persistência, Segundo a Analogia do Ser”, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 69, 2: 215 – 240.
Barroso Batista, R. 2012. “Crítica à Metafísica Analítica Contemporânea e Reposicionamento da Metafísica face à Ciência, num Compromisso Ôntico com a Verdade”, Revista Portuguesa de Filosofia 68, 1-2: 147 – 170. doi: 10.17990/rpf/2012_68_1_0147
Dinis, Alfredo; Balsas, Álvaro; Batista, Ricardo B. eds. 2017. A Jesuit Against Galileo? The Strange Case of Giovanni Battista Riccioli Cosmology, Axioma Studies in Philosophy of Nature and in History and Philosophy of Science ed. 1, ISBN: 9789726972822. Braga: Axioma – Publicações da Faculdade de Filosofia. doi: 10.17990/Axistudies/2017_01
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