Rui Alexandre Novais


General Information

Academic Category: Researcher / Invited Assistant Professor


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Biographical note and Research Interests

Rui Alexandre Novais (Ph.D, University of Kent-UK) is an auxiliary professor at the University of Mindelo in Cape Verde and researcher at CEFH/ Portuguese Catholic University, but previously lectured at University of Porto, University of Liverpool and University of Cape Verde. His research interests lie in the broader fields of communication, journalism and political science, with a particular current focus on the evolving media ecosystems, political communication, digital media and civic activism, media representations, conflict resolution, digital marketing and artificial intelligence. Coordinator for Portugal and Cape Verde of the Project Worlds of Journalism, combines his academic career with a practitioner experience as manager of political campaigns and businesses in the fashion and tourism sectors.

Relevant Publications

Novais, Rui Alexandre (2018) ‘Mutatis mutandis? The stably evolving Portuguese journalism’, Brazilian Journalism Research 14 (2): 342-363;
Novais, Rui Alexandre e Álvaro Cúria (2014) A Diachronic Analysis of Portuguese Digital Campaigning ́with Álvaro Cúria, in Ashu M. Solo “Political Campaigning in Information Age” Hershey, PA: IGI Global, pp:210-225
Novais, Rui Alexandre (2010) ’The full repertoire: news and press management vs. media watchdog’, Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture 7 (2):51-69
Novais, Rui Alexandre (2009) ‘How the North pictures the neighbouring South: The Portuguese press coverage of the Sahrawi conflict’, Journal of African Media Studies 1 (3):415-427
Novais, Rui Alexandre (2007) ‘National Influences in Foreign News: Assessing the British and Portuguese press coverage of the Dili Massacre’, International Communication Gazette 69(6): 553-573